Bringing Kindness To Classrooms

The Kindness Book is an educational resource for primary school teachers to introduce the topic of kindness in classrooms. The book invites children to recall small acts of kindness with each other and document them through drawing and writing.

We hope that through the process of recalling these moments, children will come to learn how kindness is an important aspect of society and carried through a community by its members.

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The Kindness Book - how it works

The Kindness Book is a way to show how small acts of kindness are carried through our communities by creating a chain of interlinked stories. It's really simple:

1. The first student thinks about a moment of kindness with a friend in class, documents this moment through drawing and writing, and passes the book onto the friend that was mentioned in the story.

2. This friend then writes about another moment of kindness and passes the book onto a third student..

3. The Kindness Book is passed from student to student until the book is full.

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Guidance on how the Kindness Book works ->