About Robert Acker Holt

Robert Acker Holt, who died in January 2018 led the most unique life. Born in Vienna before the war in 1923, he fled the Nazis in 1939 when he was 16 as a Jewish refugee.


Having experienced first hand the transition from a carefree childhood to life as a young man living under the fascist authority of the Nazis, the experience instilled a unwavering sense of justice. But even in his darkest days, there were some people who showed Robert kindness, and the power of these actions, however small they may have been, stayed with him throughout his life.

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Despite bearing witness to aggression and the trauma of being uprooted as a child, Robert’s life and career was marked by his openness to try new things, connect with people and confound naysayers. Kindness was at the heart his life’s work and through it he had a positive impact on people far and wide. People thrived in his presence and were inspired to dig a little deeper within themselves to remain optimistic in life and loving to others.

A trailer for inspirational story of Robert Acker Holt, who in his last year of life retraced his steps back to his birth place, Vienna, can be found here.