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Kindness Schools

Kindness Schools are teaching institutions that are committed to teaching kindness and empathy in class.

Kindness Schools carry our values of a society in which its members show mutual respect and tolerance.

They send a strong message towards the outside: that they value an environment in which all individuals are treated equally.

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Why become a Kindness School


For the Classroom

Kindness Books enhance the relationships between children through storytelling. They are a great way for new children to fit in.


Books are available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch!

For the Community

Create societal role models out of those who are kind and moments of kindness.


For Families

Send a strong message about the school’s values.

Help create a school identity centred around kindness.


For Teachers

Pledge a working environment based on kindness and empathy,

attracting and retaining talented teachers.


For Learning

Ready-made lesson plans to introduce topics of kindness and empathy in class.

No preparation time from teachers required.