The Kindness Book

The Kindness Book is a free teaching resource to encourage values of kindness, respect, integration and empathy within classrooms. The book invites children to recall and share moments of kindness with each other.

Our Vision

We believe a society in which its members show mutual respect and tolerance is one that grows ever stronger. We also believe that teaching values of kindness, respect, integration and empathy is a vital part of childhood education.

Change comes best from within. We are convinced that promoting the values of kindness to children is the best way to make a difference. That is why we launched The Kindness Book and are distributing it for free to primary schools.

Where the Kindness Book is being used!







"My class has really taken a shine to it and become thrilled when they've starred in someone else's kind moment. The other day, during our PSHE lesson on our hopes and dreams, a student of mine wrote her hope was to feature in the kindness book this year which was really heart-warming."


Ijaaba Omar

Earlham Primary School

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